The Doctor (emh) wrote,
The Doctor

Freedom at Last

It's simply wonderful to have the freedom of the ship again. My much-abused emitter is functional once more and, aside from the excessive amount of time it took to accomplish, I find I cannot fault Lt. Torres's (paristorres) repair job. Once again I'm footloose and fancy-free, with a renewed appreciation of just how lucky I am to be able to roam anywhere I please. Well, more or less anywhere. Certainly, I'm looking forward to our next shore leave and have spent several enjoyable hours star-gazing.

Seven (seven_of_nine) seems to be recovering from One's death, though I continue to see less of her than I did before the incident. This may, however, have something to do with the latest major project the Engineering department has embarked upon.

Yes, Mr. Paris (paristorres) has somehow managed to persuade the Captain to give him permission to start building a brand new shuttle, one apparently better suited for Delta Quadrant conditions. Whatever, exactly, those conditions are. What this means in real terms is that I have to endure his incessant prattling on the project. Not to mention the drop in the quality if his work in Sickbay (mind you, that was never anything to write home about in the first place). In fact, he seems to be spending the bulk of his shift firing off memos to Mr. Kim (harrykim), Lt. Tuvok (_tuvok_), Lt. Torres and Seven filled with his latest ideas on how to improve the 'coolness factor'.

Also, as part of the fallout from this so-called 'Flyer Project', the emergency emitter project has yet again been put on the back burner. Thank you very much, Ensign Kim, for your diligence and persistence when it comes to ensuring that your fellow crewmembers will have access to medical attention in the event of a serious emergency.

On top of everything else, we've somehow managed to become embroiled in a dispute with a Malon freighter over one of our probes. An absolutely charming people, the Malon, dumping the highly toxic waste products of their society throughout the galaxy. Or, as in this instance, using them as a weapon. I've already spent several hours today devising an inoculation for the crew against the high levels of theta-radiation they'll experience should the Malon breach the shields. The results so far are quite promising.
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