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Into the Lion's Den

Well, it certainly has been an eventful few days.

Lt. Torres (paristorres) and her team have finally completed work upon the slipstream drive. Thanks to it, if all goes well, Voyager will be back in the Alpha Quadrant in a matter of days as opposed to years. The bulk of the crew appears to be quite understandably thrilled with the prospect, and a celebratory party ensued down in Engineering. Unfortunately, my own attendance was cut rather short, due to a minor medical emergency.

Seven of Nine (seven_of_nine), I'm pleased to say, is starting to become more relaxed in large social situations. Perhaps a little too relaxed. By the time I got her to Sickbay (mercifully we encountered only a few other crewmembers on the way), her blood synthehol level was over .05 - which I'm sure I don't need to remind you is well above the regulation .02 limit for duty officers. As it turns out, Borg and synthehol simply don't mix; her nanoprobes, being the highly efficient little assimilation devices that they are, helped the synthehol be absorbed into her bloodstream at three times to normal rate for a human female. I've advised her to steer clear of any potential intoxicants in future.

Given the number of hangovers I dealt with this morning as a result of the evening's festivities, perhaps it's for the best. Honestly, you'd think the crew had never heard of the word 'moderation'. I'll be sending you a report to that effect shortly, Captain.

However, in amongst it all, a surprisingly sober Lt. Paris (_tom_paris_) discovered an instability in the drive of some sort, that would see our trip come to a sudden and indeed rather sharp stop shortly after entering the slipstream. Ensign Kim (harrykim) has come up with a plan that apparently should allow us to safely navigate our way through. Given that said plan involves the Commander (chakotay) piloting a shuttle mere seconds in front of Voyager, I can't say that I'm feeling particularly comfortable about the way events are proceeding.

Actually, I think I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this whole endeavor. I suppose it comes down to the fact that, perhaps moreso than any other crew member, my status upon reaching the Alpha Quadrant will be completely up in the air. At present, under Federation law, I have no legal rights or guaranteed status. I'm not even officially a member of Starfleet, let alone a citizen in good standing. To make matters worse, I learnt on my last trip to the Alpha Quadrant that my entire series could very well be obsolete and out of service by now. And the Federation has some very strict guidelines about technology obtained from the future which, if I've interpreted them correctly, could see my mobile emitter be confiscated or, worse still, destroyed.

I don't think I could bear to travel all that way only to find myself once more trapped inside a tiny room. It was quite bad enough during One's stay, thank you very much.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to finish preparing Sickbay. If something goes wrong during the passage... Well, I shudder to think.
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