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Sickbay Blues

Ensign Mulcahey came by again today. As the third unwitting, ah, participant in the creation of One, he appears to feel some sort of obligation to our newest crewmember, in much the same way Seven and myself do. However, he has experienced some discomfort around One - much of it, I suspect, is due to One's Borg appearance. Regardless, Mulcahey makes a point of spending at least an hour in One's company, either here in Sickbay or on the holodeck.

Seven (seven_of_nine) continues to remain One's primary caretaker, and he spends the bulk of his time in her company. His visits to Sickbay occur once a day for approximately one hour, enabling me to both keep an eye on his Borg systems and get to know him better. He's not much of a conversationalist, unfortunately, and completely lacks a sense of humor, but he is almost insatiably curious. I've started him on basic interspecies anatomy, and he's a very quick study. I haven't had this good a student since Kes left.

I've also begun teaching him about some of my own passions. Yesterday we went through the opening duet between Jaquino and Marzelline in 'Fidelio'. He thought it had 'interesting rhythmic and harmonic components'. It's a start at least. And a true appreciation of the arts develops over time, not overnight.

Tomorrow I plan the broach the subject of starting to remove some of One's more unnecessary Borg implants (as well as the bulk of his personal armaments, which should please Commander Tuvok (_tuvok_) no end) which should help him adjust better and give him increased mobility. He only needs look at his mother to see what a fabulous job I can do of reconstruction.

I continue to remain stuck in Sickbay, save for occasional jaunts to the holodeck for respite. It's not really the same as simply being able to walk out the door, but it provides a change of scenery for a time. I think I'll speak to the Commander (chakotay) about getting priority use of the holodecks, since it appears I'm stuck here indefinitely. Perhaps I'll also ask him about adding some of the other improvements I've been thinking about.

Lt. Torres (parristorres) has been unusually irritable of late, and appears to be putting every trivial engineering problem ahead of regaining my freedom. I'm beginning to wonder if she's suffering from an acute hormonal imbalance. She tells me she's looking for a solution, and then gets angry when I ask her exactly what it is she's doing or call her for a progress update. I've lost count of the number of times she's threatened to decompile me in the last few days. Dealing with Mr. Kim (harrykim) has been much more pleasant.

I don't think either of them truly realize exactly how cut off I am at the moment. Unable to leave myself, I'm reduced to pestering whoever walks through the door for the latest ship gossip second-, third- or fourth-hand. Of course, there is the Live Journal system, which is a godsend in the circumstances, but not everyone updates their journal with regularity. Heaven forbid, I was actually happy to see Neelix this morning when he dropped by.
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