The Doctor (emh) wrote,
The Doctor

The Don'ts of 'The Do'

Though several people have taken time out to apparently 'point out the error of my ways', I still fail to see exactly what was wrong with my latest slide show presentation. The Captain's (kathrynjaneway) constantly changing and indeed varied hairstyles have always been a source of interest for the crew, and as such my presentation was well received by the bulk of those present. I would also like to point out, Commander (chakotay), if you read this, that I was also acting on suggestions you made after my last presentation, 'A Day in the Life of Your Intestinal Tract', that I aim for a topic that appealed to a broader range of interests. It's certainly not as if I were running a betting pool on the length of the next new 'do', unlike some have in the past, hmmm, Mr. Paris? Did the Captain ever find out about that, I wonder?


As others have noted, we're experiencing something of a lull aboard ship, as this sector of space seems to contain a decided lack of aliens wishing to kill us. Needless to say, it's a pleasant change and it has given everyone a chance to relax and recover from recent events. Speaking of which, recent scans indicate that Lt. Torres is well on the road to recovery, though I (and I imagine others) will continue to monitor the situation for some time to come.

I've used the lull to catch up on my paperwork and compile the results of the annual physicals. Of all the senior staff, only the Captain, holding true to her promise, managed to keep her scheduled appointment time. Do other CMO's have such difficultly enticing crewmembers, especially senior staff, to attend yearly physicals? Much less other necessary procedures. I shudder to think what the reaction will later on in the year when I call everyone in for a second time. You see, I've recently had a brilliant idea for enhancing the Sickbay scanners with my holo-imager to take deep-body and visual scans. Though it will take me some time to implement, the final result will certainly be a spectacular, not to mention extremely useful diagnostic tool!

Hmm. Perhaps I should use this as a precedent to start holding half-yearly physicals instead of just the required yearly exams. Given the preponderance of harmful bacteria and viruses we've encountered to date here in the Delta Quadrant, I'm sure I could make a very convincing argument for it. Starfleet regulations on the matter would certainly back me up on it.

Ah... I'll have to leave it there for the time being. My holodeck time is about to start, and I have a date with a diva I don't intend to miss.
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