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The 8472's

I can't say that I've taken much pride in my work the past few days. Creating biological weapons, or indeed, any weapons at all goes against much of my core ethical programming. However, as the Captain (kathrynjaneway) pointed out, the nanoprobe torpedoes are the only thing that we know works against the 8472's, and only Seven (seven_of_nine) and myself have the knowledge to create them. It's a cold comfort at best, I'm afraid. Better is the knowledge that this time we were able to avoid using them.

Given that the threat to Voyager and the Alpha Quadrant from the 8472's is now gone, I intend to formally request that the modified warheads be immediately destroyed.

During the project, Seven of Nine was of invaluable assistance. It's nice to work with an efficient and practical assistant for a change, even if her dislike of the 8472's is of some concern. She also 'donated' nanoprobes for several of the 21 torpedoes we were able to construct. Since the loss of so many nanoprobes poses a significant health-risk and will greatly reduce the efficiency of her Borg systems, I've ordered that she spend at least the next 48 hours regenerating in the hopes she will do at least half that. I hate to say it, but when it comes to following medical advice she certainly is turning into one of the crew. That is she thinks when it comes to health she, not the medical professional, knows best.

On a more positive note, I did finally have the chance to conduct a series of in-depth scans on a member of the 8472. They are a simply astounding race from a medical perspective. The sheer level of redundancy built into their system puts fifty Klingons to shame and their immune system... Well, it's simply incredible! Not to mention the density of their DNA coding, their cranial structure or the sophistication of the genetic engineering that allowed the unfortunate 'Ensign David Gentry' to become almost indistinguishable from a true human being. A less gifted physician then myself probably wouldn't have realised he was dealing with an alien, let alone be able to work out how to reverse the change.

There is certainly a lot to be learned from the 8472's and I have a feeling that the data I've collected is going to see my other projects take the proverbial 'back seat' for the foreseeable future. It should be more than worth any delays on my other research, however, as I'm certain my findings will lead to even more brilliant medical breakthroughs.
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